Shore Friendly Kitsap Resources and Information

We are often asked about local resources for sustainable and environmentally sound organizations. We have compiled a list of various materials that we hope you find helpful.

You’ll also find information about our Puget Sound ecosystem, native vegetation, and technical reports – among other things. Check it out!

Shore Friendly Videos and Webinars

Shore Friendly Kitsap Webinar – Shoreline Restoration and Projects – February 2021

Shore Friendly Kitsap Webinar – Coastal Processes – February 2021

Living Shorelines Webinar – March 2020

Shore Friendly Living – Trees & Views – October 2023 NEW

Shore Friendly Living – Native Plants: Holding the Shoreline Together – October 2022

Shore Friendly Living – Vegetation Management for Shoreline Landowners – October 2021

Shore Friendly Living – Restoring the Connection Between Land and Water – May 2021

Shore Friendly Living – Managing Shoreline Erosion – November 2020

Shore Friendly Living – Coastal Beaches and Bluffs – September 2020

Shore Friendly Kitsap Fact sheets

Shore Friendly Kitsap General Information

What is Soft Shore Stabilization?

What is a Drift Cell?

Forage Fish and the Puget Sound Food Web

Forage Fish Spotlight: Pacific Sand Lance

Forage Fish Spotlight: Surf Smelt

Your Marine Waterfront

Kitsap Shoreline – Waterfront Living

Past Shore Friendly Newsletters

March 2024 – Shore Friendly Site Visits and Geologist Site Assessments – NEW

January 2024 – New Team Member, Workshop Planning and More!

March 2023 – Workshops & Beachwalks – Planning for Change

August 2022 – Stay Cool, Stay in the Shade

January 2022 – Coastal Geology and More!

November 2021 – Site Visits and More!

October 2021 – Orca Recovery Day

September 2021 – National Estuaries Week!

August 2021 – Shoreline Plants and Trees

July 2021 – Estuaries & Salmon: The Critical Connection

April 2021 – Earth Day

March 2021 – Culverts

January 2021 – Shoreline Webinar Series

December 2020 – The Puget Sound Food Web

October 2020 – An Ode to the Orca

September 2020 – Clean Beaches

August 2020 – Creosote Bulkheads

June 2020 – Geologist Site Visit Information

May 2020 – Forage Fish that Consider our Shoreline Home

April 2020 – Seasonal Differences on our Beaches

August 2019 – How to Participate in Shore Friendly Kitsap

July 2019 – Alternatives to Bulkheads

June 2019 – Bulkhead Impacts to Shoreline Health

Shore Friendly Kitsap In The News

Kitsap Sun – Letters – Waterfront Property Owners Can Assist a Healthy Shoreline

The Coastal Cafe – Restoring Our Shorelines Podcast – August 2021

Kitsap Sun – Orca Recovery Day – October 2021

Kitsap Sun – Watching Our Waterways – December 2019

Shore Friendly Plants

Washington State Department of Ecology – Vegetation Management: A Guide for Puget Sound Bluff Property Owners

Plant Guide for Marine Waterfronts

Pierce Conservation District: Plants for Shorelines

Identification Guide for Common Tidal Plants

Native Plant Guide

Guidance for Shoreline Plantings

Slope Stabilization and Erosion Control Using Vegetation – NEW

Native Plants and Nursery List and Links

Kitsap Conservation District Annual Spring Plant Sale

Washington Association of Conservation Districts Plant Materials Center

Certified Arborists in Washington

Pacific Northwest ISA

Pacific Northwest ISA Arborist Directory

Sea Level Rise – NEW

Sea Level Rise and Coastal Flooding Impacts (

Projected Sea Level Rise for Washington State – A 2018 Assessment – Climate Impacts Group

Sea Level Rise Considerations for Nearshore Restoration Projects in Puget Sound (

Managing your Septic System

Homeowners Guide to Onsite Septic Systems

Find records for your septic or well

Shoreline Permitting 

Four Common Permit Pathways for Shore Friendly Kitsap Restoration Projects

Shore Friendly Contractor List

Detailed List: Shore Friendly Kitsap Contractors and Consultants – Updated February 2024

Studies of coastal processes in Kitsap County

East Kitsap/West Sound Nearshore Prioritization Framework and Tool 

Kitsap County Sediment Source Analysis And Restoration Prioritization Study

Kitsap County Nearshore Assessments

East Kitsap-

Hood Canal –

Department of Ecology Map: Examples of Puget Sound Soft Shore and Armor Alternative Projects

Geologic Information Portal – WA – DNR

Washington Coastal Hazards Resilience Network

Coastal Hazard Resilience Case Studies

Protecting Your Health During Flooding and Storms

More resources are available at the Statewide Shore Friendly website