Shore Friendly General Site Visits

If you are a Marine Waterfront Property Owner in Kitsap County and have a bulkhead that you have contemplated removing but are concerned about the feasibility of removal, possible erosion, and want to find out more about alternative options – please submit a site visit request! 

Shore Friendly Kitsap Site Visit Information

Shore Friendly Kitsap offers free site assessments to marine shoreline landowners who are interested in restoring their property. We help answer general questions about erosion, permitting, and Shore Friendly options.

Priority is given to those who have a bulkhead or hard armor they are interested in removing – but we are happy to visit unarmored properties and assist when possible. For those qualified and seriously interested in restoration after the initial site visit, we do offer more targeted, in-depth geologic site assessments from a licensed coastal geologist. 

One of our staff members will reach out with the next steps and scheduling information once the site visit application has been reviewed. 

Geologic Site Assessment Information

Shore Friendly Kitsap has been partnering with Coastal Geologic Services Inc. to provide free site assessments by professional geologists. This opportunity is for participants that are interested in removing their bulkhead and moving towards a naturalized shoreline. This is a great way to gauge your erosion risk and point you to the resources you need in order to get your project started.

Coastal Geologic Services (CGS) has worked with landowners for 25 years, and continues to provide targeted and cost-effective advice and erosion control design services. They have completed hundreds of assessments throughout the Puget Sound region and are recognized as regional experts in Puget Sound beach and bluff processes. 

Jim the Geologist performing a geologic site assessment.