The Shore Friendly Kitsap Story

Our participants are our story. Without them, we would not be able to create a healthier ecosystem for the marine wildlife that calls the Puget Sound shoreline home. By creating a partnership with our participants, we are able to build a natural shoreline that benefits both our participants and the surrounding ecosystem.

Several of our Shore Friendly program participants were a part of this video. Additionally, this video provides educational information about bulkheads and the benefits of a natural shoreline.

The Schiller Story

Program Coordinator, Christina Kereki, onsite with Mike Schiller who provides a video interview of his Shore Friendly Kitsap Project

The Flynn Story

The Flynn Project – Click the image to read their story

Sheri and Michael Flynn provide a detailed testimonial about their restoration project on Miller Bay.

The Derror Story

The Derror Project – Click on the image to read her story

Lee Derror provides a detailed testimonial about her project, the process, and the result.

Click on page 2 for before and after photos of projects Shore Friendly Kitsap has been a part of.